Our Vision

We will be leaders in the growth of African security and support services We will strengthen our nation by serving local and international businesses with integrity and value.

Our Mission

We will challenge the way in which we work and continually seek improvement We will stimulate a culture where loyalty, ambition and talent can flourish

Our Values

Values are the foundation of how we approach our work and achieve the corporate mission and vision. Integrity and accountability are at the core of Trafitac's values.

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Our Standards!

We act with integrity and honesty

Our actions always reflect our values. We fulfill all our commitments. We always comply with contract and law. We communicate and report accurately and openly. We do not tolerate misconduct.

We are responsible and accountable

We take full responsibility for our work. We involve others in decisions that affect them. We are accountable for our financial results, and protect the company's assets and fair profits.

We respect and care about each other

We treat everyone with dignity and courtesy. We respect the values, cultures and beliefs of others. We promote the health and safety of our employees. We are committed to employees' professional development. We value and support employees who contribute to the success of the company.