Trafitac runs and maintains a substantial fleet of active service vehicles. This fleet supports the manned guarding operations for all our clients and is a highly cost-effective, efficient and visible deterrent.

Our uniformed mobile guards will visit and inspect your premises at agreed frequencies and physically patrol and check for damage or intrusion.We employ the best mobile patrol staff with local knowledge.

Our patrol team also ensure the following.

  • Verification of the presence, alertness and awareness of General Orders and Post Orders of guard(s) on duty
  • An inventory of equipment issued
  • A check that the guard(s) is/are in proper uniform with identification badges properly displayed
  • Verification and review of location logbook
  • Receive any verbal or written reports from the guard(s) on post
  • Location Logbook (and/or other forms) is signed with time of inspection entered
  • Written incident report of any and all deficiencies is made by the Supervisor or any other "supervisor" and appropriate action is taken.

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Your Security, Our Concern!

Trafitac brings context to the business of security and car park management. From risk assessment to delivery, we work in partnership with the government, local businesses and major corporate organisations to provide integrated solutions to security and car park management challenges.

Trafitac prides it's self on applying the world's best standard in security management. In our quest to champion excellence, we have a rigorous recruitment process aimed at acquiring individuals to make an exceptional workforce.