Trafitac Security Services Leadership Team

As a client, you have access to a talented and highly experienced team of security professionals some of whom are accomplished Industrial and Commercial security experts who serve as Advisors and consultants to the Leadership Team led by the Director Mr. Nana Abramsamadu, Trafitac can boast of our commitment to developing innovative and added value partnerships on assignments throughout Accra.

Trafitac Security Services Personnel

We pride ourselves on offering only the best quality security guards to all our clients. We also understand that the personnel securing the lives and property of our clients must be capable of reacting to any situation they may come across. That's why all of our staff are vetted by the Ghana Polices Services and are trained for a minimum of 80 hours on areas such as Radio communication, unarmed defense, suspicious events and hazard spotting. All of the Trafitac Security Service workforce have a minimum level of education up to Senior High School with many of our guards being retired police and military personnel.

Trafitac Security Services Supervisors

Our supervisors are among some of the best in Ghana. They are Retired Military Officers and instructors who are highly trained and have had practical experience in the industry.Trafitac believes that performance must be continually reviewed and amended in light of changing circumstances. To guarantee the delivery of a quality service, Trafitac encourages its supervisory team to consider each aspect of our service that can affect the efficiency and effectiveness of our delivery. This includes:
  • Service consistency
  • Guard appearance and hygiene
  • Customer Relations
  • Record Keeping
  • Equipment and its reliability
  • Proactive and responsive management
The Trafitac Supervisors team work to a tightly controlled schedule of regular checks to ensure that all areas are constantly monitored. Each shift supervisor will complete a series of checklists to verify that standards are being achieved. Supervisors' reports are reviewed and collated by the head office.

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Your Security, Our Concern!

Trafitac brings context to the business of security and car park management. From risk assessment to delivery, we work in partnership with the government, local businesses and major corporate organisations to provide integrated solutions to security and car park management challenges.

Trafitac prides it's self on applying the world's best standard in security management. In our quest to champion excellence, we have a rigorous recruitment process aimed at acquiring individuals to make an exceptional workforce.