Electronic Monitoring System (CCTV)

Due to the hiking of crime into sophistication and technology it has become imperative to infuse ICT into Security Management to nip them from the bud. The actual solution of unwelcome uncertainties is where the use of Electronic Surveillance System comes to play. Credible use is made of CCTV cameras, multiplexers and Monitors, Alarm systems together with Internet application to achieve this goal. Our ICT section also deals in the installation and maintenance of electronic security gargets. This section operates in modern satellite Dish installation, Hotel TV Networking, Computer Networking, Telephone installation and Networking Design and Installation of electronic Surveillance Systems with Internet application and Installation of Internet facilities as well as the printing of PVC ID Cards.

Alarm Systems

  • Complete home/office alarm systems with panic transmitters
  • Complete home/office alert systems (panic system with transmitters)
  • Complete home/office alarm (Stand-alone. No panic or transmitters)
The home/office alarm systems offer total security of buildings, differentiating all security zones. This allows for instant alert and hits at specific areas or defined zones within a building. This offers an automatic alert call to our Control and Monitoring Centre, with the exact description and location of hit/intrusion. Our response team will react as soon they are informed of the situation. The home/office alarm system provides extra security features and has tremendous advantages during an alarm situation in identifying and tackling a hit.

Panic System

The panic system is a manual alert system which allows user to raise alarm to response link or a control centre by the press of a button. Panic systems can however be integrated with motion detectors which would trigger initial intrusion before the panic system is activated. This system automatically alerts our Control and Monitoring Centre for response.


The Stand-alone system works only in the client's premises and offers total security of buildings, differentiating all security zones. There are no responses to this type of system. Trafitac has all solutions tailor-made to customer specification to provide optimum security.


Trafitac Security Services will provide processional Electronic Security Operatives to man the system for six (6) weeks during which time training will be given to your staffs to man the system. We provide one year warranty on Equipment starting from the date of installation. Quotation would be given after assessment.

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